Kitchen furniture: the trends of 2012

Furniture,Guest Posting exactly like clothes, shoes and accessories, are subjected to fashion and trends, which vary year after year. Cyclically kitchen, living room and bedroom furniture manufacturers try to bring a breath of fresh air and introduce new ideas and solutions to furnish each room trying to combine aesthetic and functionality.


Certainly the classic style, just as happens Fitted Kitchens in the field of fashion, never fades and is a sort of certainty for those who love this type of furniture; nonetheless also innovations and new trends are presented every day, and are necessary to keep this sector alive. Moreover, it has to be highlighted that one of the latest trends in the sector of furniture and kitchens in particular, is that of combining classic elements and materials to other types of features. In this way also the classic style gets renovated while maintaining its charm.


But now let’s speak about the other trends and novelties in the field of kitchens. Since 2011 has just ended, indeed, it is time to have a look at the new ideas for 2012. Let’s begin with colours: colours certainly play an important role for the choice of house furniture, and when you choose a colour instead of another one you need to consider not only your personal tastes, but also the style you want to give to your house, the space you have at your disposal and tons of other variables. A too bright colour might not match other features of the house, for example, and too dark pieces of furniture might not be good in a too small or not very bright room. White might be an excellent solution, as it can make a room brighter and adapt to different styles and situations, form modern to masonry kitchens. No wonder that white will be one of the most fashionable colours in 2012, but keep in mind mind that there is not just one white! Also this colour-non-colour, indeed, can have thousands shades and variants, from white with bluish shades to off white. And even more important, white is a colour that can match both modern and classic styles, and can be considered as a sort of passe-partout.


As far as the architecture of kitchens is concerned, the 2012 trend is a certain dissolution of the boundaries between kitchen and living room: the kitchen, indeed, is not only the room where you eat and cook; it is a room where you can do many other activities. This means that the furniture of kitchens and living room are bound to become more and more similar to each other, as far as both style and materials are concerned.